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EMR Datacenter™

EMR Datacenter™ and MyEMR® is 100% Windows 7 compatible.  EMR Datacenter™ and MyEMR® is 100% Windows Vista compatible.
  MyEMR® for the Pocket PC

Reason Number MyEMR® Suite by
Software Motif
"Chiro Suite" (ChiroPad, ChiroOffice and Cairo for the Pocket PC) by
Life Systems
10. Best pricing - initial software purchase EMR Datacenter SaaS Cloud computing is the best value and quality ever offered.  For $99 per month and a $500 one-time setup fee, you have 24x7 secure, private access to a 3 multi-user account of EMR Datacenter, EMR Imagecenter and MyEMR®.

Software Motif's integration packages start as low as $1776 for a single-user or $2654 for a 3-user network license of EMR Datacenter, MyEMR® for Windows, and MyEMR® for the Pocket PC PI Edition.

Life Systems' "Chiro Suite" price as of December 2005 is $6995 for the ChiroOffice, ChiroPad and Cairo for the Pocket PC software. 

Life Systems' ChiroSuite does not offer Cloud computing.

9.  Best service - software support & upgrades Our Software-as-a-Service SaaS cloud computing includes unlimited technical support and training, while always running our most current software upgrades, on highly redundant cloud computing servers, for $99/mo. for a 3 user multi-user account.  We have provided cloud computing to our clients since January 2004.

$900 - annual support (with upgrades) for EMR Datacenter, which includes MyEMR for Windows and MyEMR for the Pocket PC support. 

For users without EMR Datacenter, MyEMR annual support and upgrades is $325.

$1690 - annual ChiroOffice and ChiroPad support for the "Chiro Suite", as of December 2005.

Life Systems does not offer cloud computing.

8.  Best technologies - Software Motif uses current software technologies YES.  Software Motif keeps current with programming technologies.  Our Microsoft JET  database engine is 100% compatible with the Microsoft Office/Access 2010 release and all of Microsoft's upgrades.

EMR Datacenter™ and MyEMR® is 100% Windows 7 compatible. EMR Datacenter™ and MyEMR® is 100% Vista compatible.

We can convert & upgrade 100% of your Life Systems cs_pub.mdb data.  We upgrade more Life Systems users than any other software company, while providing the most comprehensive data conversion, data switch or data upgrade available at any price.  ("Chiro Suite" to MyEMR® Suite data conversion is $250.00).

The MyEMR® Suite database can be easily opened in Microsoft Access 2003 for database maintenance, browsing, or any desired data export.

As part of our software upgrade strategies, our software upgrades leverage support for the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework for both 32 bit Intel/AMD and 64 bit Intel Itanium and AMD64 support to also remain compatible with new cross-platform computer hardware.

NO.  Life Systems continues to use the 10 year old Microsoft Access 95/97 database format with the 1 gigabyte database size limitation of Microsoft Access 95/97.

With the Access 95/97 database, you (or any of your local support people) cannot open your database with Microsoft Access 2003* for database maintenance, browsing or data export purposes.

Our data conversion converts 100% of your Life Systems data.

The Cairo Fall 2002 Pocket PC software is James Carlburg's final release to Life Systems, which is over 3 years old without upgrades to the Cairo, as it displays the Fall 2002 window when Cairo launches.

* When attempting to open a Life Systems database with Microsoft Access 2003, it indicates an Access 95/97 database that must be upgraded.

7.  Implements Crystal Reports by Business Objects for statistics data drilling YES. NO.
6.  Pocket PC support for Mobile 2005 / Windows Mobile 5.0 YES.  MyEMR® for the Pocket PC is fully compatible with Windows Mobile 2005 Pocket PC's with a 320x240 or 640x480 display NO.  Cairo Fall 2002 for the Pocket PC is designed for Pocket PC 2000 devices and is compatible with Pocket PC 2002 devices.
5.  Software licensing with computer hardware locking NO.  Software Motif does not implement computer hardware "locking" of software licenses which would require any "codes" to get into your software.  Our software license agreement is a simple Yes/No agreement during the software installation. YES.  You are dependent upon Life Systems for unlock codes.  Life Systems has implemented computer hardware "locking" of software which requires "codes" from Life Systems to control what computers the software will run on, and change even if hardware in a computer changes.
4.  Free home computer user licenses YES.  We understand users like to take home copies of their data, or use their laptops outside of the office. NO.  Life Systems charges an additional fee for home licenses, which is enforced by their "locking" system.
3.  Online help system YES.  Our online help system is available 24x7, and is always kept current with the most recent software releases.  Our online help system includes published help articles providing step-by-step instruction, as well as our robust Frequently Asked Question forum.  All of our online help system is publicly accessible.


Help Articles:

Online manuals:

Frequently Asked Questions:

2.  Real-time publishing of release notes YES.  Our publicly published release note web log lets you know instantly about software changes that benefit and affect you and the full history of software changes for all of our products.


NO.  Not supported.
1.  Most experienced software development and upgrades. YES.  Our software continues to be developed and maintained by James Carlburg, the software developer of Cairo for the Pocket PC (through its Fall 2002 release) and as a software co-author of the original ChiroPad (since 1991) through January 2003, and co-author of ChiroOffice (through January 2003).  See copyright information as a PDF file or from    

MyEMR® for the Pocket PC

MyEMR® for the Pocket PC

EMR Datacenter

EMR Datacenter

EMR Datacenter™ and MyEMR® is 100% Windows 7 compatible.    EMR Datacenter™ and MyEMR® is 100% Windows Vista compatible.

MyEMR® for Windows desktops and laptops


MyEMR® Free for Windows desktops and laptops
MyEMR® and EMR Datacenter™ and MyEMR® Suite are trademarks of Software Motif, Inc.
ChiroPad, ChiroOffice, Chiro/Cairo and Chiro Suite are trademarks of Life Systems, Inc.
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