EMR Datacenter

Meet our MyEMR® Suite chiropractic software product line.

EMR Datacenter Software-as-a-EMR Imagecenter Service: Cloud Computing starting at $119/mo. for up to 3 users, with no contracts and no computer upgrades. Training and support is included. Software updates included. Works with all Windows desktops, laptops and wireless Tablet PC's.

MyEMR for Windows Traditional local area network LAN installations for non-cloud users:

EMR Datacenter® 2020 3 concurrent users Our Price: $3495.00
EMR Datacenter® 2020 Single User Our Price: $2195.00
MyEMR® 2020 for Windows 3 concurrent users Our Price: $1995.00
EMR Imagecenter™ 2020 3 concurrent users Our Price: $877.00
EMR Imagecenter™ 2020 Single User Our Price: $477.00
EMR Datacenter® 2020 Enterprise single server unlimited user Please call for licensing
CatchPhrase® random text narrative builder Our Price: $495.00

Software-as-a-Service Cloud computing!EMR Datacenter Software-as-a-Service ("SaaS") cloud computing has become increasingly relevant for multi-facility practices as well as single provider practices that require centralized billing, telecommuting capabilities or outsourced billing services managed on a real-time basis.

Clinics of all sizes have adopted EMR Datacenter SaaS in order to deploy solutions more quickly while achieving faster return on investment. Additionally, since EMR Datacenter SaaS is deployed in geographically diverse Internet datacenter locations, the end user's computer hardware and network maintenance costs are substantially reduced. All that is required is a broadband Internet connection. 24x7 system access using encrypted connections ensure HIPAA compliancy.

EMR Datacenter SaaS is designed as an appointment-centric application for healthcare disciplines that require a heightened monitoring and management of patient appointments. It includes support for CMS-1500 printing, electronic billing, integrated appointment management, statistics andMyEMR patient healthcare documentation software.

Integrated credit card scanning capabilities.

Integrated credit card scanning helps you checkout patients fast!

Appointment-centric design means that you don't lose patients dropping out of their care for your patient's optimal clinical outcome as well as financial benefit of your practice.

EMR Datacenter is feature rich and includes:

  • Appointment-centric front desk operations
  • Insurance processing for CMS-1500 and EDI (electronic data interchange) claim submission
  • Popup messages & to-do lists
  • Patient letters
  • Practice statistics
  • Patient letters
  • Telephone and administrative note system
  • Automatic and unlimited multiple fee schedules
  • Chiropractic software designed for multi-disciplinary, multi-provider, multi-facility operation and rapid software reviews of collected and processed data reports.

CatchPhrase™ drag & drop narrative builder
Drag & drop narrative builder