EMR Datacenter 2016

EMR Datacenter is office management and insurance processing chiropractic billing software designed for your Microsoft Windows operating systems.  It's designed and constantly upgraded in support of our end users nationwide.

Yes, we're 100% Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 compatible!

EMR Datacenter billing software is designed as an appointment-centric application for healthcare disciplines that require a meticulous management of patient appointments.  This may be for an office with a high visit volume, or it may be a multi-provider, multi-discipline office.

EMR Datacenter is available as Software-as-a-Service.  For local area network computers, it is licensed as an single-user, or up to 10-user server license.

Software-as-a-Service Cloud computing!


EMR Datacenter chiropractic billing software

EMR Datacenter chiropractic billing software
EMR Datacenter chiropractic billing software includes a rich feature set including:
  • Appointment management deeply integrated into the framework of EMR Datacenter, making it "appointment-centric", ensuring that appointments are kept (or rescheduled).  If appointments are kept, then entering CPT codes and payment are the "result" of kept appointments.  This also provides excellent patient retention.
  • Patient name and address information including referral tracking;
  • Unlimited insurance policies for each patient, allowing for indicating active and inactive insurance payers for the ability to reprint or resubmit insurance claims indefinitely.
  • Day sheets and statistics;
  • Patient letters on demand or mass mailing with filtered searching;
  • Popup messages for easy detail follow up.
  • Intelli$ense multiple fee schedule system, with fee substitution, CPT substitution, modifier substitution, place of service and type of service substitution.
  • Administrative telephone call tracking system;
  • CMS-1500 insurance form printing and Internet Disk Image billing;
  • Call us at 800.481.9060 for more information.

Please call 800.481.9060 for more information. 

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