• We use Dell PowerEdge rack servers with Intel Xeon processors which include enterprise SSD/SAS hybrid arrays for Tier 1 data access, 15K RPM SAS RAID drive arrays for Tier 2 data access, 10K RPM SAS RAID drive arrays for Tier 3 access, and 7.2K RPM SAS RAID drive arrays for Tier 4 access.  All drives bays support hot swapping.
  • Nightly client data backups are stored in geographically separate datacenters
  • Each server's health is continously monitored for pending failure of any of its components such as memory, motherboard, power supplies, etc.
  • Each drive cabinet's health is continously monitored for pending failure of any hard drive, power supply or controller board failures
  • Each server and drive cabinet has redundant power supplies
  • Each server is continuously backed up for bare metal recovery of a server for repair, replacement or upgrade


  • Redundant Gig-E Internet backbone connections from Level(3), Time Warner Telecom, Cox, and Cogent
  • Juniper M-series routers at used at the network edge, and Cisco carrier-class routing switches at the core and distribution layer (IPv6 ready)
  • Multiple paths between distribution layer and core network, with OSPF and iBGP protocols for dynamic routing
  • Fiber providers including Level(3), AT&T, Verizon Business, EasyTEL, Time Warner Telecom, and Cox Communications
  • Multiple buried fiber entry points of multiple fiber providers at facility perimeter avoid downtime from extrinsic fiber cuts
  • Gigabit interconnects over fiber between redundant datacenters and intra-datacenter traffic

Datacenter Facility

  • Campus has 24x7 security with roving indoor and outdoor patrols
  • 24x7 IT staff on-site for any possible uptime issues
  • Exterior walls are 13” thick reinforced concrete to resist adverse weather conditions with extensive water control systems on the exterior to prevent water intrusion from above
  • Floor slabs have waterproof barriers and additional subfloor slabs to protect against water intrusion from below.


  • Campus has true independent dual-substation electrical feeds with automatic switchgear to switch between substations
  • True "A" and "B" UPS configuration via reliable Eaton 9395 and Powerware 9315 systems with fully independant output feeds to equipment with no common / shared points of failure
  • On-site 800KW CAT diesel generators will support the facility load in the event of a utility power failure
  • ASCO 7000-series ATS w/bypass isolation feature allowing concurrent maintenance
  • ASCO 7000-series MTS allowing selection of on-site or portable generator
  • Generator taps on building exterior for flatbed generator hook-ups in case of primary generator failure
  • One week of generator diesel fuel on-site with priority refueling contracts


  • SSAE 16 audited facilities
  • Intelligent hardware firewalls and intrusion detection systems
  • Endpoint security
  • Biometric access control system at facility entrances
  • All entrance / exit from the facility is logged and recorded
  • All access to the facility is by IT security escort
  • Security cameras record on motion and video is archived for 90 days
  • All racks have locking front/rear doors
  • Campus has 24 x 7 security on-site


  • Liebert DX CRAC (computer room air conditioning) units in N+2 configuration provide precision cooling
  • CRAC units are serviced quarterly. Spare parts are stored on-site
  • Racks are arranged in a standard hot-aisle / cold-aisle configuration, with hot-aisle containment system
  • Environmental monitoring, including temperature, humidity, moisture, and sound sensors

Fire Supression

  • ECARO clean-agent gas fire suppression system throughout the entire data center space
  • Multiple zones must register smoke before system is activated