SaaS:  Software as a Service cloud computing

Software-as-a-Service Cloud computing!

Imagine the possibilities and freedom:  $119 per month*, for up to 3 user logins, for the most comprehensive chiropractic office management software running a SaaS cloud computing platform.  All you need to have is a broadband Internet connection.

Software as a Service cloud computing includes:

  • EMR Datacenter® 2020
  • EMR Imagecenter™ for a paperless office.
  • MyEMR® 2020 for electronic health records, including our 4th generation random text generation engine.

MyEMR for Windows
Patient Treatment Records
Random Text Generation

But how does "SaaS" benefit my practice?

  • The monthly SaaS fee includes all software licensing fees included with no hidden charges.  "Software as a  Service" equates to a simple monthly utility fee!  No need to lease or bank finance!
  • Includes all EMR Datacenter updates at no additional charge.
  • Includes telephone training at no additional charge.
  • Includes telephone technical support at no additional charge.
  • Includes our exclusive eTicket e-mail tracking support system for your 24 hour convenience.
  • Full access to online training syllabus and help information.
  • EMR Datacenter SaaS runs on our enterprise class, extreme performance cloud computing data servers maintained by our hardware support team.  This saves you costs related to maintaining and upgrading your own computers and network.
  • Our enterprise servers are redundant so that we provide a 100% uptime guarantee.
  • We provide continuous data backup services.
  • You have 24x7, HIPAA compliant secure FTP TLS/SSL access to your data backups.
  • We use the Remote Desktop features of Windows 10, 8.1 & 7 so that your performance experience meets or exceeds the "snappy" performance of your local computer.
  • Fully compatible with wireless Tablet PC's and once again provides the extreme performance of our data servers to your wireless Tablet PC while providing excellent wireless fault performance when your Tablet PC enters a weak or dead signal zone in your office – your session is awaiting your automatic reconnection.  This is a superb feature for all wireless users!
  • Ideal for healthcare facilities with multiple locations or home access needs using your unique logins/passwords.
  • Ideal for new offices getting started with minimal initial investment.  EMR Datacenter SaaS is a month-to-month billing arrangement that you can cancel at any time.
  • Benefit from enterprise class chiropractic software at an easy monthly rate.  Compare EMR Datacenter SaaS to $10,000 and $20,000 systems, and you'll choose EMR Datacenter based on the merits of its comprehensive software features.  The great monthly rate is just another bonus!
  • BONUS:  EMR Datacenter SaaS includes MyEMR® and CatchPhrase® for seamlessly integrated patient documentation.

EMR Datacenter Online™ — Your software as a service!

Do you want seamlessly integrated office management software for a "touch-it-once" experience? Are you missing that logical sense of integration?

Call us at 800.481.9060 to get started!

EMR Datacenter SaaS is office management and insurance processing software designed for your Microsoft Windows operating systems.

EMR Datacenter SaaS is designed as an appointment-centric application for healthcare disciplines that require a meticulous management of patient appointments. This may be for an office with a high visit volume, or it may be a multi-provider, multi-discipline office.

Logins Monthly Rate Features
Up to 3 $119/mo.

$500 one-time account setup fee with first and last month's service fee.
All Cloud SaaS accounts includes unlimited telephone and e-mail support and employee training.

All new accounts processed are online by 10AM the next business day!

Unlimited employees/users and unlimited healthcare providers within your 3-user, 5-user or 10-user operating system login authentication. Each employee has subsequent feature-level security privileges based on their login credentials.

Each account includes 1GB disk space. Additional online disk space allocation is $1/mo. per month per gigabyte.

Choice: Use one database for several clinics, or a separate database for each clinic. Additional databases are $12/mo. with 1GB disk space allocation.

EMR Imagecenter storage: 1 gigabyte will contain approximately 20,000 document pages of document imaging standard format: CCIT Group 4 Fax TIFF - (Black & white 150 dpi)
Up to 5 $179/mo.

$500 one-time account setup fee with first and last month's service fee.
Up to 10 $239/mo.

$500 one-time account setup fee with first and last month's service fee.
We can provide patient demographic data conversions for most popular software applications for a $250 flat fee for a single facility database.

EMR Datacenter SaaS includes a rich feature set including:

  • Appointment management deeply integrated into the framework of EMR Datacenter, making it "appointment-centric", ensuring that appointments are kept (or rescheduled). If appointments are kept, then entering CPT codes and payment are the "result" of kept appointments. This also provides excellent patient retention.
  • Patient name and address information including referral tracking;
  • Unlimited insurance policies for each patient, allowing for indicating active and inactive insurance payers for the ability to reprint or resubmit insurance claims indefinitely.
  • Day sheets and statistics;
  • Patient letters on demand or mass mailing with filtered searching;
  • Popup messages for easy detail follow up.
  • Intelli$ense multiple fee schedule system, with fee substitution, CPT substitution, modifier substitution, place of service and type of service substitution.
  • Administrative telephone call tracking system;
  • CMS-1500 support for the 02/12 form (plus the 08/05 form for archive compatibility) and electronic billing;

* Monthly service rate and one time setup fee applies