Client Services

We provide software, technical support and data conversion services options that are just right for you and your staff!

SaaS:  Software-as-a-Service Cloud Computing

SaaS: Software-as-a-Service cloud computing in our SSAE 16 audited datacenter facilities.

Imagine the possibilities and freedom:  $119 per month* for up to 3 user logins for the most comprehensive chiropractic office management software running a SaaS cloud computing platform.  All you need to have is a broadband internet connection.  Our Software-as-a-Service accounts include EMR Datacenter®, MyEMR®, EMR Imagecenter™, CatchPhrase® random text narrative builder and Appointment Café® for a seamlessly integrated office management system!

Appointment Café® patient appointment reminder text messaging

With Appointment Café®, your patients will enjoy automated personal reminders for their appointments.  Appointment Café sends a text reminder message to each patient's mobile phone. You will enjoy a much reduced no-show rate so your office can efficiently manage your appointment schedule.  24x7x365 hands-off experience is *always* working for you!

Technical Support

  • Unmetered, toll-free telephone technical support on EMR Datacenter® and MyEMR® with a current service agreement.
  • EMR Datacenter® and MyEMR® support via e-mail.

We provide a variety of chiropractic software solutions for the chiropractic profession, including MyEMR® for Windows, and EMR Datacenter® for appointment-centric high-volume chiropractic billing solutions.

We specialize in data conversions to make getting started easy!

EMR Datacenter® and MyEMR® data conversion, from databaes with ODBC drivers*
* Provided that we can "read" your database format using standard ODBC drivers, we convert your patients, insurance payers, ICD-9 codes and CPT codes with default fee schedule at a flat fee rate of $250.  If additional programming is required, we will custom quote the conversion fee, based on the retrievable information and programming effort required to retrieve the information.

We currently support patient data conversions for data from the following software companies' databases, for patient demographic and insurance payer data imports.

  • Acom Health
  • Atlas
  • Auto Doc
  • Back Chart
  • Chiro 7000 & Chiro 8000
  • ChiroFusion
  • ChiroPad
  • ChiroOffice
  • ChiroSpring
  • ChiroSuite
  • ChiroTouch
  • Clinic Pro
  • DB Consultants
  • Eclipse
  • Eon
  • EZBis
  • EZNotes
  • For Chiropractors Only
  • Galactek
  • Genesis
  • Handworks
  • Herfert
  • Inphase
  • Life Systems Software
  • Lytec
  • Medisoft
  • PayDC
  • Platinum
  • Quick Charts
  • Quick Practice
  • SOAPe software
  • Versatile
  • Vitalogics
  • WonderDocs
  • WritePad