Our chiropractic software is seamlessly integrated.  We refer to this software collection as our EMR Suite™.

  1. EMR Datacenter 2020 - seamlessly integrated office management
    EMR Datacenter 2020 is our flagship office management and billing software.  It includes insurance & patient billing, appointment management and total office management.
  2. MyEMR® for Windows - Random Text Generation
    MyEMR® is our random text generation SOAP and narrative reporting EHR software. MyEMR® includes SOAP notes and narrative reports on Microsoft Windows based computers and Apple Macintosh computers that run Windows either natively or as a virtual machine.
  3. EMR Imagecenter™ - your paperless office
    EMR Imagecenter provides scanning and organization features so you can be 100% paperless and immediately organized.  EMR Imagecenter provides document scanning and imaging for the ultimate paperless office.  Upload your scanned image files into the patient's integrated imaging window for a truly paperless office - anywhere you login to the cloud!
  4. Software-as-a-Service: SaaS - login to the cloud!
    Software Motif Cloud computing that provides all of the advantages of multiuser Windows Remote Desktop access, extreme performance and extreme hardware reliability, with all the feature rich benefits of EMR Datacenter and MyEMR for Windows and Tablet PC's.  Imagine the possibilities and freedom:  $119 per month* for the most comprehensive chiropractic office management software running a SaaS cloud computing platform!  All you need to have is a broadband Internet connection!
  5. CatchPhrase™ drag & drop narrative builder
    CatchPhrase™ is a powerful compliment to MyEMR® for Windows.  With random text generation, it allows you to create phrases and boilerplates once, and use them over again in your notes and narratives.

    The random text generation ensures that boilerplate choices that are used regularly look natural and don't produce a canned appearance.  The random text generation engine reports identical clinical data information, but expresses it using different verbiage methods.  The result is a very natural output.
  6. Appointment Café appointment reminder text messaging
    With Appointment Cafe™, your patients will enjoy automated personal reminders for their appointments. AppointmentCafe™ sends a text reminder message to each patient's mobile phone awaiting the patient's reply. You will enjoy a much reduced no-show rate so your office can efficiently manage your appointment schedule.

    Snow Blast text messages can go out to all actve patients or all patients with a future appointment range you define, such as a day ahead due to weather, or a week ahead for vacation or maybe a public service message to your patients.

    2-way messaging is seamlessly integrated, so you have the best contact with your patients possible.  Patient communication is patient marketing!  This is night-and-day compared to just exporting appointments to a 3rd party company.  Think about it! :)

Paperless office? *Yes!* With EMR Imagecenter™, EMR Datacenter™ and MyEMR®, you will instantly become 100% paperless!  Built for Windows 10.  Designed for your local area network, or benefit from the ultimate multi-site capability with Software-as-a-Service cloud computing starting at $119/month for up to 3 user logins!

HP TouchSmart 300/600 series:  Touchscreen We support touch screens, Tablet PC's, desktops and notebooks.  Our EMR/EHR SaaS Cloud **loves** wireless devices! ASUS T91 Tablet PC:  Solid state drive, long battery life!
Touch screens   Tablet PC's

Chiropractic software programs that are seamlessly integrated is our specialty, including networked chiropractic billing software and SOAP notes for Microsoft Windows.

Chiropractic SOAP notes and narrative report documentation is the talent of MyEMR® 2020.  It includes an extremely efficient random text generation engine.

We specialize in patient demographic and chiropractic EMR SOAP note data conversions for a broad review of chiropractic EMR software products.  Please contact us regarding data imports of your existing insurance payers, ICD-9 codes, procedure codes and fee schedules for EMR Datacenter.™

Chiropractic billing and appointment schedule

Product Pricing:

We offer the best quality, best service at the best prices!

EMR Datacenter 2020:  For your office management requirements, EMR Datacenter is your best choice.  Whether you need it for a single computer, an office network, or a Windows Server 2019 installation for a multi-facility arrangement using the thin-client features of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019, our office management software has exceptional features and exceptional value.

EMR Imagecenter excels in patient record scanning, document imaging and document management.  EMR Imagecenter seamlessly integrates with EMR Datacenter and MyEMR for the ultimate paperless office.

MyEMR 2020 for Windows:  MyEMR® is our chiropractic SOAP note software for Windows, featuring its random text generation engine and customizable text.  MyEMR 2020 is database compatible with EMR Datacenter 2020 for a seamlessly integrated solution.  MyEMR for Windows is ideal for Tablet PC's running Windows 10.

MyEMR®, EMR Datacenter™, EMR Imagecenter™
and CatchPhrase™ are trademarks of Software Motif, Inc.

Appointment Café is a service mark of Software Motif, Inc.

Billing and appointment scheduling:  EMR Datacenter
for Chiropractic Office Management

EMR Imagecenter - paperless office
EMR Datacenter SaaS:
 Softwareas-a-Service Cloud computing

Appointment Cafe text reminders

Update notice! Patient appointment text reminders and recall messaging!!!

Software-as-a-Service Cloud computing!If your office is anywhere on planet Earth, ... login to the cloud!  3 multi-user concurrent secure logins: $119/mo.

MyEMR for Windows
Patient Treatment Records
Random Text Generation

CatchPhrase™ drag & drop narrative editor
Drag & drop random text generation

Centralized billing integration package
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Update notice! Updates were posted on:
Mar 10, 2020

Integrated credit card processing.

EMR Datacenter 2020 supports integrated credit card scanning as part of its receipt window. No duplicate credit card entry!

SaaS Cloud Computing:  Software-as-a-Service

EMR Datacenter SaaS:

ICD Architect

EMR Datacenter Software-as-a-Service:  Cloud Computing starting $119/mo.*, with no contracts and no computer upgrades.  Training and support is included. Software updates included. Works with all Windows desktops, laptops and wireless Tablet PC's.

Chiropractic billing software integration